exploit.courses UX updates

I've read Dont Make Me Think, a great book about web usability. Based on this I made some small but important updates:

  • Added a logo. As user expect it at top-left of the website.
  • Highlight the current page in the menu bar. So user know where they are in the page (orientation), and to make the page hierarchy clear.
  • Removed some unecessary blabla from the homepage, and moved it to the About page. Most people do not care about it. It should be like a billboard.
  • Tried to make the Login page simpler. A common problem in websites, as you need to consider various states: Logged in, have an account, do not have an account, etc.

Next up is applying the learned things on the Container terminal overview.

And to apply the following basics:

  • Make things which are clickable obviously clickable
  • More paragraphs in writeups
  • Add a "ghost terminal" and the writeups, so its clear what will appear